A Salty Adventure – August 16 to 22, 2014

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This week I went to Salt Lake City and Provo in Utah for a family vacation, and I had a really good time it was very hot, sometimes reaching all the way to 36°C (97°F). I shall now attempt to regale you with what I did on this vacation of mine.

Saturday August 16, 2014

On Saturday I had the chance to do some Parkour again after a multiple week lull in my Parkour practice, and see the people of Breathe Parkour one last time before I move to Edmonton, and it was a good practice day.

We started out the class a little bit early, and there were a couple new faces that I had never seen before, only one of them turned out being brand new, and it is good to see that Parkour is still growing.

We were split into groups based on our experience level so that the newer people could focus on the base skills, and the rest; Scott, Spencer and I; could focus on other skills. The skills that we started out with was Tacos, and then we moved on to wall runs. After the three of us had done this for a while and I had successfully done some proper muscle ups, we moved on to doing some basic bar stuff, involving just getting our swings on the bars working properly. The final thing that we all did was move up to the foam pit and work on whatever we wanted to work on. I personally did a side flip, and showed the new girl how to do back falls.

I spent the rest of the day packing.

That was my Saturday, onwards to Sunday.

Sunday August 17, 2014

On Sunday my mom, dad, and I traveled 12 hours to Salt Lake City, Utah. I watched movies and read on my way down, and that was my day, exciting right?

Oh yea, we also had Indian food for dinner at a restaurant named the Copper Bowl, and it was very good. Go check it out if you are ever in Salt Lake City.

Monday August 18, 2014

On Monday morning we went shopping to get my brother, who is on an LDS mission in Utah, some sweet stuff.

After that we went on a hike to a place called Cecret Canyon, yes that is spelt right. It was a pretty awesome hike and I saw a bunch of chipmunks, an interesting bird, some cool rocks, and a really big pond called Albion Basin that is part of Utah’s water supply. In fact here is a picture of the basin.


The final thing that we did that day as a family was go to an awesome Mexican restaurant called “Red Iguana 2” where I had a meal called the Mole Negro (Mole-eh), it was a mole made from chocolate, and it was delicious, sorry, no pictures for this.

Tuesday August 19, 2014

On Tuesday I went to see the Salt Lake City LDS Temple, it was a very beautiful temple and the grounds were very nice to see as well. My parents and I spent time walking around the grounds and looking at all of the different buildings and stuff that are there like the Lion House, the conference center, and the assembly hall. They are all very nice buildings and I enjoyed spending time with my mom and dad, and taking pictures of stuff.

That was my Tuesday, on to Wednesday.

Wednesday August 20, 2014

Today we went shopping at a mall called The Outlets at Traverse Mountain, it is a mall that has sweet sales at all times, so I got a lot of necessary clothes for school, and also some stuff that I just wanted.

We also went to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. Chuck-A-Rama is an all you can eat buffet that has a lot of different kinds of food and it is a favorite of a lot of people down in Utah.

Thursday August 21, 2014

Thursday was a day full of walking and cousins.

We began the day out with a hike to a place called Bridal Veil Falls. It was a great hike where I saw different wildlife, trees, and creeping things.

The first thing that I saw on this hike was an old tram station for the tram that used to take you up the mountain to what was apparently a restaurant on top of the mountain, it isn’t there anymore because an avalanche took it out of business.


After this I proceeded to see many slugs, bugs, and snails. I even have a picture of me with a slug here.


We then proceeded to get to the falls while were quite nice to and there was this pool full of trout, and one albino trout.

We continued walking towards what we found out was a dam. The river behind the dam had become full of grass and weeds because the water was more stagnant, but the grass and weeds still flowed in the current, which was pretty cool.

On our way back to the car this older gentleman came up to us and started talking to us. He talked about the fish, and hidden treasure, and history, it was a little strange, but it was okay.

The next thing that we did was go and hang out with my cousin Michelle Ask if they are okay with their names being on the internet and her family. As I haven’t seen her in a number of years, it was nice to see her again. We all went to dinner, and I played with her kids for a little while to.

That ended my day, onwards to Friday.

Friday August 22, 2014

On Friday morning my parents and I went to the Manti City LDS temple, it was a beautiful temple and the time we spent there was wonderful. It was a hot day when we got out of the temple, and I was glad when I was able to change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

In the afternoon we went shopping for my mom, she didn’t buy anything.

The last thing that I did was go and hand out with my cousin, her husband Wes and Wes’ sister Lillie, and play board games. We played Settlers of Catan as a group, and then Lillie and I played Jenga for a little while until I went back to my hotel.

The End

That was my week, very little Parkour was involved, but that is the way it goes sometimes.

Quote of the week

This quote is from Will Smith who has been in a lot of great movies over the years, some not so great, but oh well.

“Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.”

Will Smith

Find image here

I just really liked the sound of this one, and I think you can see why.

Well, that is all I have for now, later everyone, and remember “Happiness starts with a smile, smiles don’t start with happiness.”

Nathan Aris


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